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Hoesch Schwerter Extruded Profiles GmbH develops special steel profiles in close collaboration with individual users or branches of industry. In contrast to the mass production of other suppliers, however, the Schwerte plants make products whose properties are determined by the customers according to their requirements.

The use of special profiles offers many industries and individual users distinct advantages, e. g.

  • best shape properties and fitting accuracy by maintenance of the tightest tolerances
  • different material thicknesses within one Profile cross-section thus allowing specific reinforcement of highly stressed segments of structural components
  • seamless structure of solid and hollow sections, which have to withstand the demands of temperature, pressure, and aggressive media.

Products and services

Hoesch Schwerter Extruded Profiles GmbH has been supplying the firearm market with hot extruded pistol frames for the past decade in both stainless and carbon grades.

Advantages are a more consistent hardness throughout the pistol frame as well as a more uniformed micro grain structure.

Hot extrusion forming of pistol frames is an effective technology that can improve quality and save costs in the manufacture of firearms.
Production process for manufacturing pistol frames

Pistol frame manufactured by hot extrusion

Customized Steel Profiles

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