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Imagine living on a deserted island for a year, where winters reigned supreme, filled with snow, ice and freezing cold. Burning summers would give way to monsoon rainfall, turning the dusty landscape into a muddy morass. You have one rifle and only 100 rounds of Ammunition with which to survive. No cleaning kit, no tools, nothing. What rifle would you choose? The most common answer, by a long way, is “Mauser 98“. The M98 has earned its name as the ultimate rifle in terms of reliability under any circumstances. There’s a good reason the M98 has been the blueprint for so many rifle designs around the world, though none has come close to the original. For us at Mauser, the M98 represents far more than simply a rifle. It is an inspiration in the way we think and build our guns today. We build rifles that are hunting Tools with no bells and whistles which are second-to-none when it comes to function and reliability. When it really matters, there’s no doubt that you can only count on…

Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH
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88316 Isny

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