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Schmeisser Germany proudly bears the name of Hugo Schmeisser, one of the most innovative weapons designers of the 20th century. Schmeisser Germany, created in 2009 has developed a reputation for producing firearms as innovative as its namesake. Whether for hunters, sport shooters or for the domestic and foreign police and military markets, all relevant weapons systems guarantee supply capability and components are produced in Germany, strictly to ISO 9001 standards to achieve uniform high quality. Schmeisser currently manufactures an impressive line of AR15 and M16 firearms, weapon care and the SLP-9 handgun. They are one of four licensed NATO and German army small arms suppliers.

Products and services

Schmeisser supplies

  • High quality AR15 parts, magazines & mounts
  • Weaponcare series
  • The Schmeisser SLP-9 Pistol
Schmeisser AR15 parts

Schmeisser will bring high quality parts from Germany. Slimline keymod handguards for all AR15 models, compensators, low profile gasblocks, buffers, collapsible buttstocks, triggers and trigger guards, steel and polymer magazines, knives and many more.

Schmeisser SLP-9

The SLP-9 is a polymer-framed striker-fired pistol with a competitive retail cost of $599.
• Two true double action/single action striker fire
• Unique design creates low bore axis and reduces recoil
• Truly ambidextrous mag release
• Quick follow up shots true short trigger reset
• No need to pull trigger to disassemble the SLP-9
• Steel magazines, adjustable grip & metallic 3-dot sights

Schmeisser Weaponcare

Schmeisser developed a high performance weaponcare series for the most extreme usage. With ceramic oil what will go up to >1100°C / 2012°F and down to – 71°C/-95°F, a bore cleaner with color indicator and 4 beam-probe, special auto cleaner for automatic weapons and a optic cleaner which will leave a lotus effect.

Schmeisser GmbH
Adolf-Dembach-Str. 4
47829 Krefeld

Phone: +49 2151 457810
Fax: +49 2151 4578145
Internet: www.schmeisser-germany.com
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