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Since over 60 years the German family run company manufactures ultra-high-quality rifle scopes by experienced hunters and shooters, solely committed to quality. Handcrafted reliability, repeatability and intuitive functionality are perfectly combined in Schmidt & Bender rifle scopes. Schmidt & Bender guarantees to have the same production standards for hunting and military scopes alike, one of the reasons for the renowned Schmidt & Bender quality and reliability.

Products and services

Schmidt & Bender strives to achieve the maximum customer benefit for every hunting, sport, police and military application:

  • Police & Military: PM II, PM II Ultra Short, PM II High Power, PM II ShortDot....
  • Hunting: Polar T96, Zenith, Klassik...
  • Sport: Field Target II, KK 50, Long Range....
3-21x50 Exos

The new Exos 3-21x50 rifle scope is especially designed for crucial hunting and shooting situations and is the latest addition to our popular high zooming Exos hunting line.
This scope is perfect for handling anything from a close, quick shot to extreme long range distances – a perfect all-rounder.

1-8x24 PMII ShortDot Dual CC

The 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC sets new standards and is awarded by the German Bundeswehr for the tender „Rüstsätze Patrouillenkonfiguration G28, Anteil Optik“ (Military Equipment Patrol Configuration G28, Optics). The compact 2 in 1 system
combines a red dot in the second focal plane with an illuminated reticle in the first focal plane. This combines the advantages of a reflex sight with those of a conventional
riflescope, providing an ideal solution for short and medium distances.


The GR²ID reticle has been designed with the Practical Long Range Sports Competitor in mind and encompasses many features to aid different problems facing the competitor.

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