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3.000 highly dedicated employees design, produce, sell and service a product range of innovative metal products at 21 production facilities and subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia.

The ZOLLERN group with its headquarter in Laucherthal/Germany consists of the five business units:

  • casting and forging technology (sand casting, investment casting, forging)
  • drive technology (gears, winches, direct drive motors, automation, rotary table systems)
  • bearing technology (plain bearings, hydrostatic and aerostatic bearings)
  • steel profiles and
  • engineering components.

ZOLLERN offers its customers special solutions within the focus branches of weapon industry, power generation, automotive, aviation, naval industry, construction machinery and machine building.

ZOLLERN manufactures steel profiles in close cooperation with customers from all types of industries, and develop special design and manufacturing solutions. Precisely pre-shaped profiles are perfect for complex components that need to withstand high strains.

Products and services

Steel profiles for weapons technology

  • locking pieces
  • triggers
  • block locks
  • profiles for gas pressure loader
  • lock carrier

and other products made from ZOLLERN steel profiles have long been used for hunting and sports weapons.

The uninterrupted grain structure and perfect homogeneity of the hot and cold-formed steel profiles allow a high fatigue strength to be achieved. Through specially selected combinations of materials and heat treatments, ZOLLERN produces profiles with strengths of up to 1200 MPa, which are thus capable of withstanding even extreme dynamic stresses. ZOLLERN steel profiles are an economic alternative to traditional manufacturing technologies in the hunting and sports weapons industry.

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Bernd Pröbstle
Sales Director Steel Profiles
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