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Carl Hoernecke Chem. Fabrik GmbH & Co. KG

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About us

Established in 1896 in Magdeburg, the company HOERNECKE is now managed by the fourth generation. Since 1962, the primary focus of the family business is the development, production and sales of security products for the protection of man. Furthermore, HOERNECKE has specialized in the production of irritant agents and non-lethal spray devices for personal self-defense and law enforcement. Thanks to 60 years of real-world application and close cooperation with the applicable agencies, the product line ”Original TW1000” has evolved to optimize functionality. Many design details demonstrate the products’ refined function, technology, and ergonomics. The long lasting experience in medical and safety research are the guarantee for the exceptional quality of the materials and agents and for the performance of the spray systems. The company is now one of the leading international suppliers. From the factory in Oberstenfeld, near Stuttgart, Germany, HOERNECKE products are shipped worldwide.


Carl Hoernecke Chem. Fabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Industriestr. 26
71720 Oberstenfeld

Phone:  +49 7062 9496-0

Products & Services

Reliably protect yourself from violence, crime, and dangerous animals with the Original TW1000 defense devices from HOERNECKE. Maximum effect with minimal risk to humans and the environment: This objective is optimally achieved by our TW1000 products. Therefore, authorities and security services also rely on TW1000 "Made in Germany".

Law Enforcement.
HOERNECKE also ensures professionals. The “Original TW1000” product line for professional use is a series of highly effective systems that are successfully used in everyday police work to fend off physical violence. TW1000 spray systems can target and incapacitate individuals from a distance while preventing dangerous or lethal injuries.

Versatile Product Range.
Maximum efficacy in combination with functionality and reliability are the key features of the TW1000 devices. Choose between handy defense sprays ranging from 15 ml capacity to high-performance irritant spray devices with a content up to 400 ml, or even more.

TW1000 Pepper-Gel 50 ml

Handy. Safe. Reliable.
Concealed in a uniform pocket or in the holster – the high-quality disposable device TW1000 Pepper-Gel 50 ml. With one movement, the spray-device is ready for triggering an accurate, ballistic gel jet.

Speed and safety.
The intelligent system with spring-supported flip-top lid. When you activate the trigger button, the lid is pushed up with your thumb. The lid flips back down by itself afterwards.
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TW1000 RSG-6

Excellent Performance.
The innovative irritant spray device for all missions, where even more convenience and performance are important. The person carries the stable, ergonomic housing on an equally rugged belt clip, whereby the clip can be adjusted for right- or lefthanded persons and is secured by a base plate. The RSG-6 is appareled with an exclusive anti-slip special coating. Optional, you can also get the RSG-6 with the special ALLROUND® technology and spray 360° in every position.
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TW1000 RSG-8

Professional. Highly effective. Powerful.
The spray device RSG-8 is the ideal defense system for professional use. The carrier wears the device secured in the thigh holster on his/her body. 400 millilitres guarantee the maximum spray performance and range.

Ergonomic handle with automatic spring-cover locking device and first-use indicator. The ideal protection against unintentional release. One-hand operation for right- or left-handed persons. Optional safety-pin available.
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