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Niebling Technische Bürsten GmbH

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About us

Niebling is a family owned company based in Germany, which produces high-quality gun cleaning and gun care equipment. With more than 40 year’s experience in civil,  governmental and military applications, Niebling has the widest range of gun care products on the market which covers caliber. 17 up to 40 mm. As a result of continuous improvements to the products, Niebling is able to establish groundbreaking innovations such as the #1 brushless and non-abrasive barrel cleaner the ‘BoreBlitz’  ( An adaptable and quick delivery is assured by the subsidiary in the USA. Niebling offers customized cleaning kits depending on your needs and wishes,
whether it’s the configuration of the cleaning equipment in the bags or the branding and finish on the surface of the bags. Niebling continues to be one of the leaders in the field of gun maintenance.


Niebling Technische Bürsten GmbH
Industriestr. 12
91593 Burgbernheim

Phone:  +49 9843 9894-0

Products & Services

The compatibility of the product range is one of the outstanding features, when it comes to Niebling GunCare. All parts of the cleaning equipment from caliber .22 up to 40 mm are manufactured with one thread size, which gives you the opportunity to mount all brushes and extensions onto one single cleaning rod. ‘BoreBlitz’, the innovative brushless pull through barrel cleaner, is internationally patented by Niebling.

This non-abrasive cleaning cord uses oil resistant pressure balls instead of brushes. It is available from caliber. 17 / 4.5 mm up to 12 gauge for shotguns. Its design assures perfect, comfortable and reliable use also for long-barreled hunting rifles. To complete the
range of products, Niebling also offers the effective gun cleaning fluid ‘Pulpo’. All Niebling products can be composed to create custom cleaning kits according to needs and preferences of weapon manufacturers, law enforcement units or shooting ranges.

BoreBlitz - the #1 brushless barrel cleaner by Niebling

BoreBlitz is the fastest, most effective chamber to
muzzle cleaning-system for professional gun-cleaning.
The world-wide patented two bore-calibrated
ballbearing system is woven into the cleaning fabric,
making the BoreBlitz the fastest and easiest tool to
clean your firearm. Its ergonomic handle, is a bonus to
aide in an easy pull-through of your firearm every time.
The reusable high quality zip-bag protects your
BoreBlitz during transport or storage in your range bag
or backpack.
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BoreBlitz - the #1 brushless barrel cleaner by Niebling

Custom Cleaning Kits according to needs and preferences

Niebling’s compatibility policy using only one thread
sizes makes it possible to create custom cleaning kits
according to customer’s needs and preferences. When
using the multi-part cleaning rod only a few additional
Niebling components are needed in order to be able to
clean various calibers of pistols, rifles and shotguns.
This does not only save space and weight, but also
money. To higher the recognition value of the kit logos
can be printed or embroidered onto the water/oil
resistant bag.
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Custom Cleaning Kits according to needs and preferences

One thread fits it all!

One of the biggest advantages as a Niebling customer
is the compatibility of the entire product range thanks
to only one thread size from cal. .22 up to 40mm. All
brushes and tools can be mounted onto one cleaning
rod. Manufactured with high-end CNC precision and
the best trim materials available, Niebling cleaning
tools are made to last and to provide the best possible
cleaning results. To achieve outstanding stability of the
brushes, Niebling developed optimized wire fixing in
the stem shaft.
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One thread fits it all!

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